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The website directory tailors the internet to fit you. separates everything useful and entertaining from the world wide web, and allows you a fuss-free experience.

All killer, no filler.

Started by me, Alison Kelly – an experienced web developer who has worked in i-gambling for a number of years – picks the best sites from the gargantuan web, so you don’t have to. Your time is precious, and I want every minute spent looking for the site you need to be spent doing something far better.

This site started from humble beginnings, much like the best stories. My passion is the web, and my interest in everything internet-based saw me start to collate all the websites that I found useful. This proved to be so effective, that friends began to use this burgeoning Directory. My own personal seal of recommendation meant an awful lot to those that used it, and its popularity began to rise as this site’s effectiveness began to bear fruit.

Which is why will be your perfect companion. Standing by your side, it is the helpful companion that points you in the right direction, wherever you want to go. It is the organic experience, with every site that is linked in this Directory having been scrutinised by me.

My gathered expertise in everything internet is what makes this site the perfect companion for everything. The internet plays a huge role in nearly every facet of life, so a helping hand is always welcome. leads you where you need to go.

The web is a daunting size, and for every good site, there are a number of places that claim to be better. The sites are laboriously checked, so you don’t get burned. We are your internet oven-mitts, protecting you from the nefarious and ensuring you only get the best. also avoids littering the site with unwanted and prohibitive ads that spoil your experience. How? My own money from my work in i-gambling allows me to fund the site myself and escape the fate of so many other sites. The result means a fluent and easy to use Website Directory.

Why use a Website Directory though?

Well, a Website Directory trawls through the net, and picks only the plumpest and juiciest sites. From there, they are placed in the Directory in categories. Think of it like a really useful phone book, but for sites you need and want.

Every type of website is included too, from online shopping to life skills. I use my experience working for online casinos such as Oranje Casino that offers the best gratis gokkasten and online cricket games, VoodooDreams review and the asian casino platforms that offer the best แบล็คแจ็คออนไลน์สดเล่นบนเว็บไหนดี and เล่นรูเล็ตออนไลน์, that allows me to sift effortlessly through cyberspace in search of the best – for you.

Built from scratch using years of knowledge, will become your chosen site when navigating the web for anything. Don’t believe us? Just have a look through the categories, the Top5 sites and you’ll soon wonder how you clicked online without us.

Have any of us ever wished we could avoid websites that were bloated with ads, or were completely broken? We have all visited locations in cyberspace where we only wanted to read something, but repeated crashes and or bad displays mean time wasted as you hit dead ends. wipes the slate clean, and you can look forward to every link being of the finest quality – just like this Website Directory.

So, give us a whirl. We have picked up the litter and given the web a good clean. It is now safe and what you expect the internet to be – a convenience that makes life easier. We are your helping hand.