About Me

I have created this site to help us all navigate the perils of the web. This part though, will hopefully give you a reason to trust my judgment on the links in this directory.

After all, you could go anywhere, why should you use Alison-Kelly.com?

I graduated from University with a degree in Web Design. Since the internet began and was made readily available, I was always enthusiastic about the web, I could see the possibilities it allowed.

So, it was always inevitable I would work with the web.

I started off as a Junior with Kroon Casino, and as it grew, so did I. I saw the site change into the giant site it is now, and I had a hand in making it the fun, reputable place it is today.

Oranje Casino and SlotPrince also gave me positions, each one with more responsibility than the last. I worked my way up, learning as I went about every side of the business. From site crashes to hackers, via effective design and most importantly – what the visitors want – I made sure I took it all in.

My experiences make up a huge part of this Directory, and that makes each link a path well trod, so you can surf away without a worry.

Two decades of working with the minutiae of the internet, with every single facet of what makes the web tick. Promotion followed, and I now oversee the day-to-day running of the Casino site.

With all that time spent in front of a computer, I soon had a list of Bookmarks as long as your arm. It took nearly as long to type the address in manually than it did to scroll down the Bookmark List!

Then, I thought there must be a simpler way.

That was where Alison-Kelly.com was born.

The site includes those links you need every day. The ones you put at the top of the list, and those that you use in emergencies and times when the clock doesn’t have enough hours.

It still helps me, and I continue to add to it daily. The site grows with the internet. It is vital that you have a safety net of sorts when sprawling through the giant metropolis that is the world wide web.

That is what Alison-Kelly.com is, and I hope it helps you as much as it helps me.