The Top 5 started from me, and I care deeply about every link that gets posted on this directory.

This means that only the absolute best and most effective sites make it on here.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have my favourites though!

I’ve picked my Top Five, and they come from every sector you can think of. That way, there is more chance of at least one of them helping you a little. If you’re like me though, and trawl the web for pretty much everything, then the following five are a godsend.

So, read on and feel the benefit of these excellent websites that really are the cream of the crop. Looks, speed and ease of use, they are all high on the agenda…..

5 –
Shopping online used to be the thing of imagination. Now, every major supermarket offers the service. There are many variables to consider though. Speed of delivery, range of produce and above all, price. isn’t the cheapest, but fundamentally, you’ll find the goods you buy are top of the range and the price doesn’t match. I’ve never experienced delays with deliveries, and adding to your cart is so easy.

The real measure of how great this site is, is that I still buy far too much and it is too easy to do it!

4 – Lifehacker UK
This site has spawned from the famous US site of the same name. The beauty of Lifehacker is that for every five tips and tricks that don’t apply, there are twenty that are a perfect fit.

Computers, food, friends, your own habits, pets. Pretty much everything you can think of. Some of these tips have made me smack my own forehead for not thinking of them, some are completely out of the blue but become lifesavers.

3 – The Guardian UK
There is plenty of competition for your hunger for news. From small independent sites which give you an unbiased option, to the giant companies that have representatives in every corner of the globe, you could spend weeks just searching through them all.

What you need is a site that covers all bases, and with intelligent journalists writing compelling news.

The Guardian does just that. There are plenty of categories for your eyes to peruse, and each one is well written. The Guardian excels at it all.

2 –
Those days when an appliance packs up when you least expect it? Waiting for days for a replacement, so you make do with handwashing your clothes, or drying things in your microwave. Maybe the last one was just me…

Regardless, renders those emergencies obsolete. A rapid delivery time, excellent ratings of all the products, it is just so easy to find what you need. The price though, is the best thing of all. They are competitive, and sometimes they are even better than that. Bargains are there to be found, and you’ll find it so easy to do so.

1 – BBC Sport
I’m a bit of a sport nut. The London Olympics in London sparked something in me, and I got swept away with the competition and the atmosphere in the stadium. After that, I started following my local football club, I found myself searching for those I saw in the Olympics and tracking how they fared afterwards.

Time and again, the site which supplied me with the info I craved was BBC Sport. The sections are well detailed and researched, they are up to date and every sport has its own dedicated section. Thanks to BBC Sport, I now class myself as a football fan, a tennis fan, an athletics supporter.

They made it so easy to become obsessed, thanks to their obsession with sport. This site is simply a must have.